Thursday, 20 October 2011

Yohji Yamamoto - Texture, Structure and Beauty

‘When I started making clothes, all I wanted was for women to wear men’s clothes.’ Y recalls.
 "People of my generation were ripped off by economic success: during our youth, the industry kept pumping out new products we couldn't believe in, because we knew, come tomorrow, they would be out of style. So we became the first generation to wear second-hand clothes." 

There's been a rise in men's style inspired clothing among women. I love a beautiful bow tie on just about anybody, it seems to be a weakness actually even though I don't wear bows, of any kind. I love boyfriend jeans and loafers. I know any fashion blogger worth her designer salt (?) loves quoting Coco Chanel. Afterall, she was the first woman, first designer who ever introduced the idea of androgyny in women's clothes and Chanel is synonymous with high fashion.

Yohji Yamamoto Spring 2012 RTW (photo courtesy :

But here I quote someone who was born 6 decades later. Yohji Yamamoto is an internationally acclaimed designer of Japanese origin and I don't need to tell you what a great artist he is if you are one who keeps an eye out for designers who are more inspirational than mere trend-setters. Yamamoto is a bricoleur. I find his voluminous, uncluttered and floaty silhouettes a delight to look at and I can only imagine how it would feel like to wear his creations. He is biased toward dark colours which I love but he does accomodate burst of colours in his creations from time to time. He got a degree in law and then walked a wholly different path and I am assuming given what he did he never looked back.

YY spring 09; inspiring use of colours

The look I was posting today reminded me of Yamamoto's designs. It isn't remotely close to his genius, it just reminded me of his creations. I bought this pair of pants last winter and have been wearing it like crazy almost everyday everywhere. It is the ultimate comfort clothing paired with any black or white top. I just threw on my purple shrug which I got last fall, I think, but never had the opportunity to post a look with it since it was too hot to wear it.

my drop crotch patiala pants

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