Friday, 14 October 2011

Never Knew

If 3 years back anyone would have told me that I would wear red lipstick and weird colored nail polish within the span of the next 2 years then I would have scoffed at the person; I would have been full of disbelieve and amusement. But one very important thing was I didn't know where my life was headed and I had even less of an idea as to how to go about getting what I wanted.
I never had anything at all against makeup or dressing up. The thing was even though I was fond of it I was very particular about what to wear where and back then all my 7 days in the week was full of either school, tuition, schoolwork or tuition work (even though the last 2 years of school was a major slacking period for me I still had to attend school and tuitions). So my attire would be school uniform 24*5 and clean t-shirts and jeans on weekends. I had no other life like so many other students in India (no I did not live under a rock or in a cave, I had plenty of friends and we did have fun). Things have changed within certain classes in certain metropolitans here, I am very much aware of that. It is good to see kids (I speak here like some 80 yr old granny who has seen it all) have some more recreational things to do now. But airheads are never appreciated keep that in mind nor are constant party hoppers. Education is important and hard work is respected & rewarded here. I was never a prude but I had different ideas then. I take quite a bit of pride in the things I do now. I am happy to look back upon my younger self and believe I am doing the right thing at the right time. I never let my marks define me because I was and still am blissfully aware of the fact I have more brains than a lot of my peers. I don't wish to get a job then marry and then take care of my family 10 years later. I want a career where I love doing my work and meet great people and make something out of myself. Maybe things will not come easy maybe they won't come at all but I don't fit a certain stereotype predominant among girls here and I refuse to compromise on that front.
I will gleefully curl my hair, get a good fringe, wear red lipstick, orange or black nail polish, sip on cocktails and sit in a tiny cubicle living the dream of being in the media biz and have a great friend or two whom I value more than anything. If you think studying arts is for people less intelligent than someone who pursues science then you are stupid. If you think interest in fashion or makeup is a girl or gay thing then you are stupid. If you are so ignorant about what is reality and believe what society has traditionally told you to believe then you are stupid. If you have a myopic mindset and refuse to see the larger picture along with the small details then you are stupid.


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