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Contact me for any questions or information.
Want to sponsor my blog? Shoot me an email.

Services Offered (In exchange of a small fee or store credit. I cannot afford to work for free right now. If I like the brand you will get random and hearty shoutouts for free from time to time.)

  • I offer styling and personal shopping services(clothes/shoes/jewellery from/for your brand)
  • I can do product reviews/endorsements - products which are relevant to the blog. (clothing, shoes, accessories, jewellery, hair products, makeup etc.)
  • Contact me for rates - Ad space, Sponsored posts, Social Media Promotions.
  • Send over items from your brand and I can do outfit posts and review my experience (please contact me for sizing, it would be pretty pointless if the size is smaller than required).
  • I have experience in content writing and photography. If you have any freelance offers, get in touch.
  • I also host giveaways - only for brands I have worked with before or personally shopped from before. Contact me for giveaways only if you are willing to go by this 2 step approach. I have been duped once and I will make sure my readers don't have to go through that again.
  • For events it's best you contact me a few days earlier than D-day since I have had to decline offers which came sort of last moment.

P.S. - I will review the product and services the best to my judgement. Readers will know if the review is dishonest and I will lose faith in you if you ask me to lie and write only good things in my blog about you. I think of it as a way of letting brands know how to improve on some aspect of their service while informing readers not to waste money on something that may not serve their purposes properly.
P.S. 2 - I prefer writing the content of the sponsored posts. I will like to hear your ideas on the sponsored posts as well as giveaways. Do write in.

Brands/E-stores I have partnered with

  1. Nature's Company
  2. GKB Optical
  3. Glasses USA 
  4. Trendzy Street
  5. Very
  6. Jabong
  7. Sugarlips
  8. Romwe
  9. Firmoo
  10. Rooja
  11. I Know
  12. Bellast
  13. Clothing Loves
  14. Buy Trends
  15. Cupo Nation
  16. 27 Coupons
  17. Accu-Rate Media 
  18. Miss Chase
  19. Miss Dressy
  20. Seek Hair 
  21. Efoxcity
  22. Milanoo  
  23. Vero Moda
  24. Shop The Ramp
  25. Kazo 
  26. Woakao
  27. American Swan
  28. Chic Nova 
  29. Persunmall
  30. Cash Karo
  31. Anne French India
  32. Zivame 
  33. Elle India
  34. Avon India
  35. Front Row Shop
  36. Choies
  37. Sheinside
  38. Sensation of Night
  39. Dress Lily
  40. Born Pretty
  41. Yo Yo Melody
  42. Westside
  43.  Lifestyle International
  44. Niine by Niine

I Have Done Giveaways Sponsored By
  1. Trendzy Street
  2. Firmoo
  3. I Know
  4. Kazo
  5. Romwe

Attended/Covered Events
  1. Four Seasons Wines - Wine Tasting
  2. Signature Premier Kolkata Fashion Week 2012
  3. Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2012 
  4. Adrenalize 2013 (Tolly Club Annual Gym Party) hosted by Four Seasons Wines & ITC Sonar
  5. Indus Pride Strangebrew Experience
  6. ELLE India Coffee Mornings 
  7. Pop-up Restaurant - Nepali Cuisine
  8. Kazo Bloggers Event - Calcutta Chapter
  9. Four Seasons Wine Trail at Conclave Club
  10. Four Seasons Gourmet Indulgence 
  11. Hosted and generated sales for ELLE India Coffee Mornings, October 2013
  12. The China-Japan Debate On A Plate hosted by ITC Sonar
  13. Bengal Fashion Week 2014
  14. Royal Repast at Dum Pukht, ITC Sonar, June 2014
  15. Green Trends Salon

Guest Blog
  1. Glad2bawoman

~I always mention if a post is sponsored. It is standard journalistic practice to disclose whether the media firm (in this case my website) has any business dealings with a firm on which it is doing a story.
~If I receive a product for review then it is noted it was courtesy of (c/o) the brand.
~Some product reviews are my own and not done for monetary gain or at the request of sponsors.
~I have both affiliate ads and sponsored ads featured on my sidebar from time to time.