Sunday, 3 March 2013

You'll Be Waiting In Vain

So many mornings you wake up and there is just nothing that comes out of your mouth. The thoughts float around in your mind, but they turn into an incoherent pile of pebbles outside of it. You think of feminism, existential crisis, of social prejudice and how your mind is conditioned to not see certain things. But you don't open your mouth to say anything. You just sit around and let your mind form the images and you x-ray them. You wait for the night. You wait for tomorrow.

Kumortuli, North Calcutta

kumortuli north calcutta

north kolkata

Designer Chillum
designer chillum

designer chillum
black door and bright wheel


  1. I love how you've shot these images. Its my dream to visit Calcutta one day! In fact, I had given Calcutta as my first outstation preference to a company I was applying to, and the HR guy actually asked me if i was mad :D
    I love what you've written. Simple, but filled with meaning. Action, or immediate action, is not a part of our psyche at all.

    Shubhi's Revels!

  2. Beautiful pictures!
    your writing is really good

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I've been pretty uninspired of late. Need a rejuvenation of sorts.

  4. There's not enough taking action in today's world. It's sad. Society just permits things to happen.

  5. This makes me want to visit Calcutta more than ever...maybe this year! x

  6. u know what i love abt ur blog??
    it gives a very erthy realistic feel of calcutta... something i rarely get to see sitting here in my gujju land.
    all d best.. plz inspire us more often in future.

    p.s plz chk out my first giveaway of 2013

    1. thank you so much!i always question myself about how calcutta comes across in my blog..

  7. Aah! Those thoughts - aimless, shapeless, yet so very potent........!!

    Nice clicks, my dear! :)

  8. Wow, these pictures absolutely fabulous!! Anyway, great blog, would you like to follow each other?


  9. Really nice post, dear <3

  10. wow,just amazing. I lost at words. and what a great pic of that designer chillum.Kolkatta is full of art.

  11. The first picture is so creepy between the headless statue and the man twisted in pain. I wonder if these are incomplete.

    1. it's interesting that you found it creepy..we didn't look at it that was just interesting for us.this kumortuli area is famous as the idol making area,they even export idols to the world,nri people doing durga puja and all that.
      this idol is from last's odd that the man's head is twisted(he's a demon by the way that durga killed and saved the universe from)..i am pretty sure they will use the clay from it this year to mix with the whole batch.

  12. Wonderful pictures and thoughts. India is so full of amazing images and traditions. I always look forward to learning a little bit more about Calcutta when I look at your blog.

    Sometimes, it's better not to say anything ... just yet anyway! For me, it takes a lot of time to form my thoughts. And I really don't want to turn into one of those people shooting their mouths off without thinking (I'm sure I'm guilty of it already)! The great thing is when those scattered pebbles cohere and suddenly they're ready to fly out like ballistic missiles. I'm sure you will change the world there in India with your voice!

    Thanks for your good wishes on my recovery. -- J xxx

  13. wonderful clicks and words dear :)


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