Monday, 17 September 2012

Signature Premier Fashion Week - Kolkata Day 3

Remember that woman I was admiring and so wanted to take her photo because of her rad style?? I got lucky and met her on Day 3 because she was showcasing her latest collection inspired by Egypt! She is fashion designer Susan Mantosh! I had a fan girl moment when I met her. She was sparkling in all the light! I told her how I wanted to take a picture yesterday and she was so nice!! The press photographers wouldn't just leave her. I took photos of her, with her, with others. Press people took all our photos. She came and talked with us later as well as we waited for another show outside The Galaxy at Park and showed us a picture of her when she was younger. She is a total rock star, she was so awesome with her larger than life personality and warm, friendly attitude. We also had a chat with her daughter later, Johanne, who is really into blogging and like all of us was surprised to know Calcutta has fashion bloggers.

Susan Mantosh (sneak peek)

Susan Mantosh - forget minimalism! she makes a statement! *love* .. she walked the ramp staying in theme with her collection

Sumit Das Gupta (sneak peek)
(there were some truly beautiful pieces in his bridal collection)

Here's to future events and shows where my role as a digital influencer is utilised fully. I really am grateful to Gingerclaps for letting me have this wonderful experience. I have faith in these people.

Abhishek Surana (sneak peek)
(he is inspired by Raghavendra Rathore...he launched his men's and women's wear collection at KFW)

My Humble Input 
This year's theme was to celebrate the weavers of Bengal, a part of the profit will go to the weavers. The fabrics and dyes used in all the collections were all natural. Keeping that in mind I would say I want the Calcutta designers to do more than just the traditional designs and silhouettes as beautiful and distinguished as they are it would be nice to have some variety. It would be fun to see edgier things from them. Designers have the power to influence the fashion scene. But so do the buyers. We do have a Sabyasachi Mukherjee and we also have a Kallol Datta. So let's ponder on that Kolkata wasio.

Zooming out to meditate
you do the same


  1. WOW amazing looks!so original and impressive.

  2. I can never forget the fight of bloggers and press - I wish I could qoute what the two females beside me were talking!!! Simply pathetic. Just outside bengal, no one knows them and in fact few people inside bengal are not aware of all the publication in here but people from all over the world knows bloggers! the demographics of a bloggers are too high and those idiots ladies from press didn't had the acumen to realize that!

    1. you got the worst of it i know but calm down..i would like to believe it was just some people who were trying to throw their weight around..doesn't really matter at the end of the day..i was in it for the experience which i did get.

  3. I have been hearing similar stories for aamby valley bridal Fw.

    1. i have heard the organisation is very good and far better in lakme fashion week..but kfw is only 3 yrs old so i hope things will improve from here on only.

  4. How fantastic, I love seeing fashion week in other countries.

    xx Jenee C.
    {camo meets couture}

  5. Love the sumit das gupta sari for bridal collection ! *awe struck*

  6. I can't claim to know a lot about the different fashion weeks, but I like how this one is super distinguished from NY or Milan or London.

    1. the general fashion scene here in kolkata as well as in the rest of india is very different from the international scene..

  7. Debi, I am so happy you got to meet Susan! I love her designs and her personal accessories are truly awesome. I love someone with a great personality at her level. That says so much about the individual. It's ashame about the press vs. the bloggers! Glad you got a good seat and took some fabulous photos. Glad you got the experience! Ohhh, just take it all in! Thanks for sharing your experiences and I can't wait to read more.

  8. facinating, those jewlleries, wow!!!

  9. I would love to follow each other! let me know once you follow me and I will follow you right back:))


  10. I love them so different and vibrant colors and textures.

    <3 Marina

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