Friday, 6 April 2012

Trend Report 2012 - trends I'm not indulging in

Fashion changes with the seasons but style is constant. Our personal style evolves as we evolve as individuals. Somethings are not you right now. In the past maybe you wore those things and in the future you may wear those other things and in between hundreds of things will be trending. The key is to not lose yourself in the trend machine.
I often make lists of things which are on my wish list and the trends I am loving. We all do. So here's a list of the current trends I won't be indulging in.
Would you try any of them?If yes, which one & why?

Acid Reign(because I don't appreciate looking like a Christmas tree decked up in Hawaiian theme)
Blumarine Spring RTW 2012
Good Sport(because I ain't sporty.because I wore things like this in school & they weren't see through)
Alexander Wang Spring RTW 2012
Make The(Laser)Cut(lol see the design!)
Prabal Gurung Spring RTW 2012
Happy Days: new version of Stepford Wives(because of the inspiration.too demure.just because.)
Christian Dior Spring 2012 Couture
Prim and Proper(I get an itchy toe.I am anything but prim & proper)
Tory Burch Spring RTW 2012
Plastic Fantastic(it's not fantastic at all.give me a plastic umbrella much more fab)
Dolce & Gabbana Spring RTW 2012
This post is the product of me sifting through the Vogue Trend Report SS 2012 that came in with my April issue. The titles of the looks are exactly how they were in the issue. I pretty much loved everything else in it. Especially their chunky shoe love;also the beauty, sunglasses, jewellery, bags and hats sections.
I am going to sign off now and cry looking at my wardrobe which is spilling with basic stuff.
P.S.-I believe every one of these items are workable to create awesome outfits with different themes. All photos are from and the gif is from


  1. I rather like the prim and propah one..minus the white shirt inside ofcourse..

    1. so do i actually..if you take the individual items they are very much likeable.

  2. Hahahaha!!!! I would never indulge on any of these trends either unles you include in the neons my fave color too: electric blue.
    I love the gif!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

    1. i like neons too..not sure if i would look crazy in them or clownish..isn't the gif awesome!

  3. I love this post, definitely different than the usual. I may go for the acid (but not with that many flowers). I think the laser cut could be good, but not on my body. And I do actually like the Happy Days and the Prim and Proper. But that's more of a style thing than a trend thing.

    1. haha..thanks..i have seen better versions of the laser cuts and love them..remember the michael kors dress leighton meester wore?it was so sexy and edgy and amazing..happy days and prim & proper is just not me but i can see myself wearing some of the individual stuff mixed and matched with other things..obviously the cheaper versions of these.

  4. lolz
    i must take a note on "The key is to not lose yourself in the trend machine.", Debi. right on!

    i might do some not so puffy version of Dior but i am shocked houndstooth is still in!
    i (think!) i am rocking darks and black even if everyone is wearing pastels this season because i know that is not me. ;)

    1. i am looking for a good pastel but i know i won't die without it..i am just like you sticking with dark shades..and white..

  5. wat i definitely would not try and which has become major in high street retail brand also is acid reign and for the same reason as yours....just saw a acid reign dress at zara..and hubby jokingly said he will buy me that in a jiffy...knowing that i would never touch it!!

  6. Bravo for knowing what you like and don't like. You will never be a "fashion victim", at the mercy of trends! I don't think I could wear most of these looks either, but with some adjustment, I think I'd like the Alexander Wang and Tory Burch styles.

    Good to see your posts are coming through on the Bloglovin' site again! xxx

  7. well , i believe in making my own style statement ... liked the black gown ,minus flare ...

  8. I am not a huge fan of the cut-out trends.. I think it's very few people out there who can actually pull it off...especially gowns with cut-outs on the sides...yeah no thanks.

  9. I like so much how you show your style is so inspiring.

  10. HaHa!!! Hey Debi! I hear you girl. I would be Ms. Prim and Proper leaning to Stepford Wife. LOL I wouldn't wear those styles but I am a classic girl. HAHAHA You are too funny.

  11. I agree with the cut out trend! not a fan!

  12. Yes plastic is not my thing either. Just does not feel right wearing it.

  13. OH NO please you will not see me indulging in any of these trends for way!!

    <3 Marina

  14. Love the first outfit! Lovely! xx


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