Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Fatshion Inspirations

I believe I was always a well dressed person. I had an eye for things which were age appropriate but had a good appeal to the aesthetic senses. I was always aware of fashion and style but i was never too bothered with what is "in" or "out".

"I cannot agree with the painters who claim superciliously that a layman can understand nothing of painting, and that he can best show his appreciation of their works by silence and a is a manifestation of emotion, and emotion speaks a language that all may understand. But I will allow that the critic who has no practical knowledge of technique is seldom able to say anything on the subject of real value."-from "The Moon & Sixpence" by Maugham.

This quote which I came across recently in the book I am reading seemed could be used to describe any form of art and fashion is very much a form of art. Your individual style is a form of self-expression. Even if you think you don't care about appearances that checked shirt and nerd glasses you wear or the cotton shirts and kurtas you wear is definitely a way to tell the world a bit about who you are. I believe in looking good on occasions. Looking polished, prepared and appropriate for any good job nowadays requires the kind of knowledge I believe I have and so should everyone because the company is hiring not just your talent you are going to be someone representing the company. I don't believe wearing only branded clothes makes you a good dresser, it is mostly what you make of what you have got. Smart dressing is the key.
Being a fat girl I have often been frustrated while shopping but i have also found great pieces. Lots of slimmer people I know dress quite shabbily but they believe they don't. There's nothing wrong in dressing in whichever way you want but you should not have delusions about it because more than often these are the ones who criticise other's clothes and that is not fair. A person should never be judged on appearances.
Big Girl in a Skinny World was a column by a stylist named Ashley Falcon in the Marie Claire website that i came across after random googling about curvy fashion.There were some blogs she suggested about fatshion bloggers and i was introduced to this whole new world of fabulous fatshionistas who are not afraid to love and wear awesome clothes and call themselves fat outright rather than use the euphemistic term curvy to talk about themselves. Even a skinny girl can have curves, because curves are about proportions not size. I am a US size 12-14 and I don't think I have ever been any lower than that. I may crib about my body sometimes but I have always been very comfortable in my skin and I have enough confidence to not cringe when someone calls me fat. Here's a fun fact- I am fat! And i can rock clothes which a lot of haters can't!
All you people who patiently read this (or skipped portions) go out there and rock what you wear with aplomb be it casual plain i-don't-care-about-dressing-up outfit or a chic in your face outfit.Skinny,curvy,fat or whatever you are love your self and let the haters talk to the hand.

My Fatshion Inspiration-

Young, Fat, & Fabulous --i have read every single post in her blog!

Some other fatshion blogs i drop by- --i follow her on


  1. I love that quote and great post!! You don't need to be skinny to be fashionable. It's sad how fat isn't considered "beautiful" nowadays. Pretty doesn't have to be stick thin and I am glad you are comfortable enough to embrace your own skin.

    From Rags to Glam
    - Gaby

  2. Great points. I really enjoyed reading this. I agree smart dressing is absolutely key!


  3. Loved reading this post, I love everything that Fatshion stands for!
    xo RedPoppy

  4. thanks for the comment dear.i like your blog.i am following you now.follow back if u want :)

  5. Great fashion inspiration!! love the first quote :)

  6. Thanks for your comment! I found your blog really interesting, and i'm following you!
    Follow my blog if you want too.
    Sorry for my poor English (i'm spanish and I have difficulties reading your posts)

  7. i totally agree! people shouldn't be criticize by the way the dress!
    it's a form of self-expression!

  8. Totally agree with you, I just checked out the blogs that you posted, and they're amazing, they look fab.

  9. great quote and i enjoyed reading this post.

  10. That is a very interesting quote. Have a fantastic day, my dear

    Ps: I’m hosting a great sportswear GIVEAWAY today! Perfect for morning yoga practice!

  11. Amen to that quote!! I especially agree with what you said about labels, it's really true. Creativity is the best fashion accessory. It's fun to think of clothes as a form of self-expression. xx

  12. Great post, very insightful and fun to read! xo

  13. Oh honey! I'm totally loving what you wrote! It's so inpiring and I agree with every single word you've just wrote. And the chic that you reccomended her blog - OMG shes absolutely STUNNING, I'm totally loving every single outfit on her, I'm totally following! :)))

    Kisses hun :****

  14. great post, i am following you to support, you don't need to be skinny to be fashion!!!!!

  15. Thanks for the comment ^__^ Would you like to follow each other? ;))

    you are so sweet and nice:*:*:*

  17. Go Songbird Go! I was totally looking forward to an outfit post sneaking in here...Aww, guess I wait til the next one! I am a total fan of rockin whatever your heart desires! xox!

  18. Good self-image is step no. 1 to looking chic! (In the dance world, I am "fat". It doesn't stop me from dancing!) Glad you are speaking out for everyone who isn't model size.

  19. Great post love what you wrote :)

  20. lovely written post,and for sure i'll check those blogs after your recommendation!:)

  21. I loved reading this post and I quote you when you say that fashion is self expression.
    If you are going just by trends then you have little bit to say about yourself. I am going to check those fatshion sites.

  22. I love the way you express yourself..! Never change it. (: ♥


    I went to see POTC too :) the mermaid scene with the priest was so cute


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