Saturday, 19 April 2014

Take Time To Do What Makes Your Soul Happy

Friday, 11 April 2014

Indian Summer

Summer has not yet arrived in many parts of the world, but my goodness it is hot here! The shorts are out, the sweats and jackets have been shoved way back in the dark corners of the closet. And I found some shirts (and a very short dress) that will look super cool in this summery heat. In India, we have skipped spring it seems and have directly gone onto heat that puts blisters on the skin.

Indian Summer

I have been lusting for that hollow winged tee for a while now. But I am not so sure how I can wear it without the right inner. And I love the elephant print dress so much! The ScarJo and Monroe tees are the right amount of fun and funky. And they are all on a sale right now.
Which one would you go for?
Get them here - ScarJo print tee, Elephant print short dress, Hollow wings tee, Monroe bubblegum print tee


Sunday, 6 April 2014

Black Velvet - If You Please

There is something about velvet. The very texture reminds me of my 90s childhood. My mother got me a burgundy velvet dress that I still have, not that I can wear it any longer, but some things have memories sewn in their every thread. I remember digging out cardigans, jackets, ponchos and myriad other things from old cranky cupboards, things that belonged to my mother, her sisters and some belonged to my grandparents. I loved the vintage musty smell they had. Even though my things are nowhere near as beautiful as those, I would love it if future generations dig something out that belonged to me and have the same feeling I did. Clothes are not merely superficial things used for our vanity, to look good. They all have stories, the older they are the better it is.
I got this very 90s black velvet dress, and my very first corset(clap for me) from Sensation of Night. The parcel arrived this Friday, well within 30 days of placing the order. Sensation of Night is a professional online retailer offering over 10,000 styles of sexy lingerie, costumes, swimwear, dresses and corsets, of course. They have free shipping worldwide and provide a secure shopping experience. And they have some kind of exciting offer going on for the customers all the time.

black velvet sweetheart dress

black velvet sweetheart dress

black velvet sweetheart dress

black velvet sweetheart dress

Now about the products - the corset was easy enough to put on and I didn't suffocate. So, ye(!!) for that. And it is the right fit. The dress is a tight fit. I will not be very comfortable wearing it without sufficient layering (would a leather jacket look insane with this?). But, when I wore them together it gave me photoshop worthy curves. And this is almost too sexy for my style. I will need to tone it down a bit I guess. But, the quality of both products is pretty good. The corset took off 2 inches off my waist smoothly and no suffocation at all! I am amazed, and frankly amused that this is not the torture device I always imagined it would be.

black corset

Black Velvet Dress, Black Corset (both available right now at $17.99 each)- c/o Sensation of Night
Shoes - B.K. Market

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Winter Roses Jersey Dress

I have been meaning to get more maxi dresses and skirts in my wardrobe for over a couple of years. I have not been too successful because I don't like sleeveless (no, not because I have any issues with my thick arms, I am perfectly ok with every scar and bulge. If anyone has a problem looking at it they can go kill themselves. I just don't want to shave every day, sorry), cap sleeves will do too, but even that's asking for too much it seems. All the things I like are sleeveless or too expensive for daily wear. I got this one from 20Dresses thinking it would be ideal for college. But, I think I am keeping this for casual hangouts with my friends. So my hunt for cheap daily wear continues.

Jersey Dress - 20Dresses 
Wedge Boots - B.K. Market
Studded Bracelet - Romwe
Sunglasses - c/o Firmoo

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Polka Dotted Pants

I generally do not order bottoms online. I am very skeptical about sizing. But, what is funny is that a couple of weeks ago I realised I have been wearing the wrong pant size for over a year. I had convinced myself that I was 2 sizes larger, and when the pants started feeling roomier soon enough I thought it was because I had lost weight (by doing nothing just so you know). I took a leap of faith and ordered these pants from Romwe, I love the polka dotted pattern and can't wait till it arrives. Keeping my fingers crossed about size. Here's a little mood board I chalked up on polyvore.

Romwe Polka Dotted Pants

Get it here. It goes upto a size XXL from XS.